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Ana Côrte-Real - Associate Dean for Executive Education Ana Côrte-Real - Associate Dean for Executive Education
Ana Côrte-Real Ana Côrte-Real Associate Dean for Executive Education

Executive Education seeks to create a learning environment capable of stimulating students to think differently about the same realities. We seek to make the school a strategic space for reflection, sharing and self-knowledge that will allow students to leave the routine and their daily responsibilities and focus on their professional and career goals.

We want you to see us as a partner in your learning journey, someone you can trust and that will help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Today, any executive is faced with an increasingly complex and interconnected world. In this sense, we offer a set of appropriate programmes to all career stages, and developed by teachers who are references in their field of knowledge, and which combine academic demand with the value of business practice. This training can also be supplemented with international experiences in case you decide to make the international week programmes in China, Brazil, Angola and Spain. We believe that after the experience at our school feel you will be a better prepared executive with more expertise, more ideas and more potential impact on your organisation.

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Strategic Leadership Hub

The Strategic Leadership Hub (SLH) is an innovative initiative of the Católica Porto Business School in the soft skills development area and the connection to the business community and the entire business alumni network. It intervenes across the various levels of education (Bachelors and Masters) and in executive education. Learn more about the SLH here.


In executive education, the SLH offers a customised and innovative service: CEO - Coaching, Events and Opportunities.

This service is available totally free of charge, for all students of the Católica Porto Business School.

Career coaching

Career coaching aims to support professionals to think strategically about their career and their positioning in the labour market. It is therefore an appropriate service to those looking for a new professional challenge but also those who wish to evolve in the organisation where they are integrated. The process may also have as its objectives the development of soft skills such as communication, interpersonal relations and conducting meetings.

Available throughout the whole academic year.

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Career events

With the aim of bringing closer students from the labour market and provide direct contact with recruiters, the Strategic Leadership Hub annually organises various events such as workshops, seminars, company presentations and recruitment moments. Among them, we highlight the Connecting with Business event, which brings to the school the main consultants in the area of human resources to meet the students and former students of the International MBA and MBA Atlantic.

Application open after disclosure.

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+351 226 196 238

Career opportunities

Under the close relationship between business and the community, the Strategic Leadership Hub ensures the personalised dissemination of employment opportunities within their partner companies.

Upon companies request.

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