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Through close collaboration with basic and secondary education schools, the Strategic Leadership Hub offers students a set of activities which seek to provide a real and insightful perspective about the degrees and career opportunities of economics and management courses, enabling them to make a more informed and conscious choice.

The transition from secondary education to higher education is one of the most significant changes in a student’s academic life. In this process, the choice of the best course and college to apply for is of the utmost importance. The SLH can help through the Teen Academy or Advisory Centre:

The Strategic Leadership Hub (SLH) is an innovative initiative of the Católica Porto Business School in the soft skills development area and the connection to the business community and the entire business alumni network. It intervenes across the various levels of education (Bachelors and Masters) and in executive education. Learn more about the SLH here.


The Young Enterprise Course of the Católica Porto Teen Academy aims to promote the approach of students in the third cycle of basic education and secondary to the university environment. Its main objectives are:

  • To awake the young people entrepreneurial spirit through contact with businesses and the Católica Porto professors with business experience;
  • To sensitise students to the importance of soft skills like teamwork, leadership, trust, effective communication, time management, key dimensions to success in academic life and future employment;
  • To raise awareness of a real work environment, by knowing a company, its facilities, its operating methods and the projects developed by the organisation.
  • To facilitate young people’s first contact with an excellent institution, familiarise them with the academic environment and give them the opportunity to learn about the experiences that they will live in Católica Porto.

Over a week, students receive a challenge they must analyse and resolve, based on the knowledge acquired in seminars taught by the School professors. The works are then presented to a jury composed of teachers and representatives of companies. The week also involves a field trip to a company and contact moments with academic groups.

For participants who live outside Porto, a housing programme is planned, which includes extra social activities.

Learn about the latest editions of the Católica Port Teen Academy –Young Enterprise Course here.

Applications are open after the course disclosure.

For further information, contact Tânia Almeida ( | 226196229/253)


Affirming its commitment of collaboration with high schools, the Católica Porto Business School creates the Advisory Centre.

This is an initiative that allows direct communication with teachers and psychology professionals and vocational orientation of third cycle educational institutions of basic and secondary education.

For the 9th to 12th grade students who want to explore the economics and management courses, we offer:

  • Presentation and clarification sessions about the teaching-learning project and the courses offered by the School;
  • Workshops taking place at the Schools’ premises ;
  • Economy or management classes taught by the School professors at secondary schools;
  • Interview moments to economists or managers (at the School or at the students’ educational institutions);
  • Career exploration workshops;
  • Continuous availability to answer questions addressed by the students or by school psychologists.

The Advisory Centre aims to facilitate the real exploration in the context of Economics and Management, which will allow students to commit themselves to a more informed and conscious choice in the process of entering higher education.

This service is available throughout the whole year.

For further information, contact Tânia Almeida ( | 226196229/253)